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Lost Angeles

What is Los Angeles? What represents "LA"?

"Everyones so lucky in LA" said every tourist ever. When people come to Los Angeles, they have this crazy preconceived idea that Los Angeles is glamorous; that it is a perfect utopia made up of beach parties, palm trees, A-List Hollywood celebrities and a night life you'll never forget. Well let us tell you a little insider view of our beautiful, ghetto, urban Los Angeles. It's where the rich just keep getting richer. These A-List celebrities live high class, fabulous lives in their mansions in Malibu, while the homeless fight to live another day on Skid Row. Home of the newly built Dodger Stadium that kicked long living immigrant residents out of the their homes in the 'Chavez Ravine' (1) and later destroyed the community of family owned businesses. It's where corporations feel "artsy"and the most important goal is to be "hipster". LA is a place that outsiders like to take advantage of. We have seen this city grow and die at the same time; putting corporate America before the civilians Constitutional rights.

Venice, a long time staple of LA. What used to be known for the creation of skateboarding and nurturing the beginning stages of many famous rock musicians and revolutionary artists is now the new home of the Snap Chat headquarters, Google, Yahoo, Tesla, Hulu, HBO and Netflix. These corporations have not only raised living expenses (2) and made it nearly impossible for a working class citizen to live in the town they grew up in but these corporations have also shut down family owned businesses that have existed in the area for over 30+ years (3). The authenticity of these areas have been dominated and gentrified.

From Venice all the way up, to the high hills of Calabasas and Bel Air. These streets run in our blood. We love Los Angeles for what it was. We aren't just a clothing line, we are telling a story, and we are a movement. We are just one piece of a puzzle much larger then ourselves. We are witnessing and capturing the everyday life of this beautiful, ghetto, urban and classy City of LA.

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