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Whats does it mean to be a local? What does that represent? Why is it important?

These are the questions LA Witness most frequently gets asked, and these are our thoughts.

What is a local?: To be a "Local" by definition is "Belonging or relating to a particular area or neighborhood, typically, exclusively so." Therefore, with that being said, LA.W is speaking to those who live their everyday lives here in this unusual and diverse city. We are speaking to those who see the destruction of our parks, natural wildlife, oceans and mourns our land for being used as oil refineries. We are speaking to those who witness the everyday struggles of making ends meet; just to live in what the tourist call "the coolest place on earth". We are speaking for those who can't speak because they're immigrants here and their voices have been taken. We are reaching out to help those who get arrested in Skid Row simply for being poor and mentally unwell, instead of being offered help. We are speaking for them now. We are human beings and everyday locals, living in LA; watching our people struggle and hurt.

This is LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA. City of Angels. City of love. City of fame. City of hope and city of locals who make this place, the beautiful, cultured and immigrant friendly city that we know and love, we will always finds a way to support one another. The rich continue to turn a blind eye and the tourists continue to glorify our city but we will not be bystanders, we will witness and we will change; life long locals and new locals, hand in hand.

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