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Lost Angeles Republic

Los Angeles California. What a beautiful name. It means "The city of Angels." What does that really mean to us locals? To us, it means hope. It's everything. We live in a city that holds around 4 million people & not to forget California Republic that is home to 50 million. How can we not have hope. But opportunity doesn't come knocking at door. You have to go out andlook for opportunities. We have a Goal. That goal is to help each other and all of those around us. Our passion is community. We want to be the portal to helping those in need and those who want to help. We shouldn't look for ways to step over someone's toes to get somewhere, instead we should help one another and climb the ladder to success in helping hands so that everyone eats at the top. LA Witness wants to help the less fortunate with purchases made from our products, but in the bigger picture, we want to be that Local community that creates an outlet to the less fortunate and support them with any resources we can help with. So help us help LA and promote our mission.  

  Los Angels Witness

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